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Shandong Qidu Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

    Shandong Qidu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is founded in 1976 and locatedin Shandong Province, China. At present, Qidu Pharma covers an area of more than 43 hectares and it has more than 3,8000 employees. The company has total assets of nearly three billion CNY.
Qidu Pharma is a comprehensive and research-based drug production enterprise which produces IV solutions, oral preparations, APIs and so on. The products mainly involve basic infusions, intravenous nutrition liquid, plasma substitutes, anti-infective agents, antitumor drugs, cardio-cerebrovascular drugs, internal secretion regulators, pharmaceutical packaging materials, medical supplies and so on. The company has got more than 170 manufacturing approval numbers. Qidu Pharma is committed to the research of IV solutions and pharmacy intravenous admixture technology. The company has a professional sales team and a technical support department and it can provide intravenous drugs combination schemes and pharmacy intravenous admixture technology supports in the whole variety for all kinds of medical institutions. Qidu Pharma is able to provide high-quality products and outstanding services to all patients who need emergent treatment by cooperating closely with medical institutions.
Qidu brand has a strong influence in China and the product quality enjoys a high reputation all over the country. Qidu Pharma has already set up long-term cooperations with medical institutions and large-lot drug distributors all around China and the products have been exported to The Republic of Benin, Djibouti, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, The Islamic Republic of Mauritania,The Syrian Arab Republic, The Republic of Yemen, The Somalia Democratic Republic, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kingdom of Cambodia, Mali, Philippines, Moldova, Angola, Venezuela, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Bolivia,Tajikistan and other CIS countries have exported more than 25 countries.

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