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Metronidazole Injection

[Indications and Clinical use]: For treatment of anaerobe infection.

[Strength]: 250ml: 0.5g, 100ml: 0.5g


Product Description

Name: Metronidazole Injection

Structural formula: C6H9N3O3


The product is colorless or almost colorless pellucid liquid.

Pharmacology and toxicity

The first one is the potent Anaerobicidal Nitro-imidazole derivative. The exact mechanism of action of metronidazole is unknown. At physiologic pH, metronidazole is un-ionized and taken up readily by anaerobic organisms. The drug then undergoes intracellular chemical reduction via mechanisms unique to anaerobes. Reduced metronidazole interacts with DNA and inhibits nucleic acid synthesis, leading to cell death. Metronidazole is equally effective against dividing and nondividing cells.

This product is mainly used for the treatment of anaerobic bacteria infections.


The peak value is observed 20mins after administering by intravenous drip and binding rate with protein <5%. After absorption Metronidazole distributes widely in all kinds of tissues and body liquids, and pass easily blood brain barrier to the tissues such as saliva, placenta, bile, latex, ammiotic fluid, semen, urine, purulence, cerebrospinal fluid and etc. It is reported that the concentration in placenta, latex, bile is similar with that in plasma.

For the healthy people the concentration of Metronidazole in the cerebrospinal fluid is about 43% of that in the plasma, and the effective concentration can remain 12hours. 60~80% of the preparation is excreted via kidney, about 20% of Metronidazole is excreted unchanged in the urine, the other is excreted in the urine as the products of metabolism (25%-glucuronicacid combo, 14%-other kinds of products of metabolism). 10% of Metronidazole is excreted in the dejection, and 14% is excreted from skin.

Disease treated Metronidazole is mainly used in the treatment of anaerobe bacterial infection.

Administration and dosage by drip phleboclysis.

1. Doses for the adult In the treatment of anaerobic bacteria infections, administer by intravenous drip according to 1g/70kg for the first time, and calculate the does according to 7.5 mg/kg during the course of treatment, and interval time is 6~8 hours.

2. Doses for the children in the treatment of anaerobic bacteria infection, the doses are similar with that of the adult.

Side-effect 15~30% of the cases were reported side-effect, and adverse reactions frequently associated with Metronidazole include: Digestive tract reaction such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea stomach pain or cramps, anorexia; Symptoms of nerve system include headache and swirl; Abnormal sensation, numb limbs and tense tendons, ataxia, and multiple neuritis occasionally happen; Over high dose can cause convulsion. Few cases have the symptoms such as urticaria, moisst, pruritus, cystitis, dysuresia, change in taste sensation and decreased white cell. But the abovementioned symptoms are all reversible and recover after the administration.


Forbid to use the medicine for the patients with the diseases in central nervous system and flood.

Indication for women in pregnant and suckle

Forbid to use this medicine for women in pregnant and suckle.

Substance interactions

Metronidazole may increase the effects of warfarin anticoagulants.

Overdose   High dose may cause convulsion.

Specifications 100ml: 500mg

Storage: instructions Light-resistant and store in well-closed containers.

Packaging: Poloypropylene bottle; Non-PVC  Bag;  Glass  bottle

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