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Compound Sodium Chloride Injection

[Indications and Clinical use]: For water loss caused by hypo-osmoticity, isotonicity and hypertonicity.

[Strength]: 500ml: 0.85% Sodium Chloride, 0.03% Potassium Chloride and 0.033% Calcium Chloride
250ml: 0.85% Sodium Chloride, 0.03% Potassium Chloride and 0.033% Calcium Chloride


Trade Name: Compound Sodium Chloride Injection 

Name: Compound Sodium Chloride Injection

Characteristics: colourless and clear liquid; salty. 

Indications: Dehydration caused by various reasons, including hyposmotic dehydration, isosmotic dehydration and hyperosmotic dehydration; hyperosmotic nonketonic coma; hypochloremic metabolic alkalosis. 

Administration and dosage: (1) Venous infusion, dose given according to diseade condition and weight. Usual dose: 500~1000ml each time. (2) Hypochloremic alkalosis, dose given according to the alkalosis degree.

Contraindication: (1) Edematous disease, such as nephrotic syndrome, liver cirrhosis with ascites, congestive heart failure, acute left heart failure, encephaledema and idiopathic edema etc.

(2) Patients in oliguric stage of acute renal failure or hypourocrinia of chronic renal failure hyporeactive to uragogue.

(3) Hypertension, hyperkalemia.

Dosage and Administration:

(1) In patients with supplementary energy for some reason can not eat or eat to reduce, generally 25 percent to intravenous glucose injection, and at the same time to add body fluids. According to the amount of glucose required for the calculation of heat.

(2) Total parenteral nutrition therapy is the treatment of glucose the most important energy supply material. In the non-energy protein, fat and glucose energy supply ratio was 2:1. Specific amount based on the clinical need for heat. According to the needs of the volume of fluid infusion, glucose can be prepared for the 25% to 50% of the different concentrations and, if necessary, adding insulin, every 5~10g glucose-insulin-formal accession to the unit 1. Due to the normal application of hypertonic glucose solution, the more provocative vein for fat emulsion infusion, the larger selection of general intravenous drip.

(3) Hypoglycemia can re-use Xianyu 50% glucose injection 20 ~ 40 ml intravenous injection.

(4) For hunger ketosis, severe cases, the application of 5% to 25% of the intravenous injection of glucose, glucose 100g per day can be brought under control the disease.

(5) Isotonic water loss of water to give 5% glucose injection by intravenous drip.

(6) Application of hyperkalemia 10% to 25% injection every 2~4g glucose plus 1 unit regular insulin infusion can reduce serum potassium concentration. However, the only treatment for the extracellular potassium into cells, the body of the total potassium content unchanged. If we do not take potassium row, there is still the possibility of the recurrence of hyperkalemia.

(7) Organizations hypertonic dehydration solution (generally 50% glucose injection) rapid intravenous injection of 20 ~ 50ml and the role of short-lived. Clinical should be taken to avoid high blood sugar, with little current. Peritoneal dialysis fluid for regulating the osmotic pressure, 50% glucose injection 20ml is allows 10g glucose 1L peritoneal dialysis fluid osmotic pressure to raise 55mOsm/kgH2O.

Store at 20 to 25°C

Dispense in a tight, light resistant container with a child resistant closure

Specification: 500m1 

Storage: Closed tightly and put in dark place. 

Package: butyl rubber stopper and aluminium cap, polypropylene bottle

Carton packing: 

(1)500ml: 30PCS/CTN, 713 CTNS/20'FT, 1532CTNS /40'FT, 1796CTNS /40'HQ

(2)250ml:  30PCS/CTN, 1082 CTNS/20'FT, 2324 CTNS /40'FT, 2725 CTNS /40'HQ

(3)100ml: 80PCS/CTN, 726 CTNS/20'FT, 1559 CTNS/40'FT, 1828 CTNS/40'HQ

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